Welcome to the fascinating world of ruined orgasms! If you’re a BDSM enthusiast or a curious newcomer, then you might be fascinated with ruined orgasm as it can offer a unique blend of pleasure and frustration that can enhance your sexual experience. In this blog, I will dive into the nuances of this practice, explore its appeal, and provide you with practical tips on how to master the art of these orgasms.


Are Ruined Orgasms Safe?

First things first: safety. When it comes to any sexual activity, consent and communication are paramount. Ruined orgasm, when practiced with mutual consent and understanding, are entirely safe. However, they do involve a delicate balance of physical and psychological play, so it’s important to ensure both partners are on the same page.

What is a Ruined Orgasm?

In nutshell, a ruined orgasm occur when the stimulation is stopped or disrupted right at the brink of climax. The result is a release without the typical satisfaction of a full orgasm. It can feel frustrating, tantalizing, and intensely erotic all at once. Here are some tips that you can follow for your first-time experience:


Before engaging in a ruined orgasm, discuss boundaries, limits, and safe words with your partner. This ensures both parties are comfortable and consensual.


During the act, check in with your partner. Pay attention to their body language and verbal cues.


Post-play care is crucial. Offer reassurance, physical comfort, and a chance to discuss the experience to ensure both partners feel secure and satisfied.


Why are Some People into Ruined Orgasms?

The mystery of a ruined orgasm lies in the complex interplay of control, anticipation, and psychological thrill. Here are some reasons why people might enjoy this unique form of play:

Control and power dynamics

For those who enjoy power exchange in their sexual relationships, a ruined orgasm can be a crucial tool. The one in control (the dominant) has the power to grant or deny complete pleasure, heightening the sense of dominance and submission.

Heightened sensation

By edging closer to orgasm and then pulling back, the overall sexual experience can become more intense. The denied release can make subsequent orgasms more powerful and satisfying.

Psychological thrill

There’s a mental component to ruined orgasms that can be incredibly arousing. The anticipation, the tease, and the ultimate denial create a rollercoaster of emotions and sensations.

Prolonged pleasure

For some, the frustration of a ruined orgasm is a form of prolonged pleasure. The buildup without the release can keep the arousal levels high, extending the sexual experience.

Different Techniques and Methods for Ruining an Orgasm

The art of ruined orgasms isn’t just about timing. It involves creativity and variety to keep the experience exciting and fulfilling. You can try these techniques and methods to ruin your partner’s orgasm.

The tease and denial

Start with gentle teasing and build-up, using light touches, kisses, and whispers. Just as your partner reaches the peak, suddenly stop all stimulation. You can also change the type of stimulation abruptly, like moving from fast strokes to a complete pause.

The edging twist

Bring your partner close to orgasm multiple times, each time stopping just short of climax. On the final attempt, disrupt the orgasm by switching to a less intense form of stimulation. Use different speeds and pressures. For example, if using your hands, switch to a lighter touch right at the brink.

Sensorisk lek

Blindfold your partner to heighten their other senses. The anticipation of not knowing when the stimulation will stop adds to the excitement. Use temperature variations (like ice cubes or warm breath) to keep your partner guessing and enhance the sensory experience.

Verbal teasing

Use erotic and suggestive language to build up the anticipation. Describe in detail what you’re doing and what’s coming next. Combine physical actions with verbal commands, telling your partner when to expect the stop. This can be incredibly arousing and adds a psychological layer to the experience.

Using toys and props

Incorporate toys to provide intense stimulation, then suddenly remove or switch them just before your partner climaxes. Use restraints to limit your partner’s movements, adding a sense of helplessness and heightened control for the person in charge.

Collaborative efforts

Have your partner watch in the mirror while you bring them to the edge and then stop. The visual component can amplify both frustration and anticipation. If in a group setting or with multiple partners, coordinate the efforts to create a layered and complex experience of denial and stimulation.


Improve Your Skills at Ruining an Orgasm

I’m sure that you must be excited to try the above methods for a ruined orgasm. Although, you can consider mixing them with these tips to master the act.

Timing is everything

The key to a successful ruined orgasm is timing. You need to bring your partner right to the edge of the climax and then disrupt the stimulation. This requires attentiveness and practice.

Mix up different techniques

Use a combination of physical stimulation and verbal cues. Tease with your words, build up the anticipation, and then stop or change the rhythm just before they peak.

Have some patience

Both partners need to be patient. The one experiencing the ruined orgasm needs to enjoy the buildup without the immediate reward, while the one in control must carefully monitor and time their actions.

Explore triggers

Remember, not everyone reacts to triggers in the same way. Experiment with different types of stimulation – from manual to oral, to toys – to find what works best for your partner.

Communicate throughout

Keep the lines of communication open. Checking in during the act can ensure that both partners are enjoying the experience and feeling comfortable.


Vanliga frågor

Can ruined orgasms lead to sexual frustration?

Yes, they can, and that’s part of the appeal for some. However, it’s important to balance frustration with satisfaction. Make sure to include regular, complete orgasms in your sexual activities to maintain overall sexual health and satisfaction.

Are ruined orgasms a form of edging?

Ja, ruined orgasms are a type of edging, but with a distinct twist. Edging involves bringing someone close to orgasm and then backing off, often multiple times, before finally allowing the release. Ruined orgasms take this a step further by never allowing the full release, leaving the orgasm incomplete.

Is it possible to ruin an orgasm too often?

It’s possible to overdo it. Frequent ruined orgasms without eventual release can lead to sexual frustration and tension. It’s important to balance this practice with satisfying sexual activities that allow for full orgasms.

How can I introduce my partner to ruined orgasms?

Start with a conversation. Explain what a ruined orgasm is and why you’re interested in trying it. Make sure to discuss boundaries and consent. Begin slowly, perhaps by incorporating it into your regular sexual routine once or twice to gauge interest and comfort levels.

Can ruined orgasms be a solo activity?

Absolutely! You can practice a ruined orgasm on yourself by stopping stimulation right before climax. This can help you learn more about your own arousal patterns and improve your control over your orgasms.


Ruined orgasms offer a unique way to explore the intricate dance between pleasure and denial. By communicating openly with your partner, practicing patience, and mastering your timing, you can be a pro at it! It can add a new dimension to your BDSM play or provide an exciting and fulfilling experience.

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