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Implementing AI into daily activities has made tasks easier, faster, and more efficient, especially in editing. However, you are here because you want to take your implementation further and get more from using AI. You are also here because the specifics you seek are effective cloth removal using the AI tools that are available.

Well, the AI that works for cloth removal is called an AI Nude Generator, but what exactly does it do? How does it work, and what are the options out there? You have all these questions on your mind, and we are here to answer them. So, let’s get you up to speed with the details you need to know real quick.

20 AI Nude Generator Apps

Removing clothes from someone in an image is something you can do in an image editor, but you want something faster. AI nude generator online helps you do this, but there are several of them online, and they can get you lost in track. You might have heard some names having the traditional free AI nude generator or Nudify AI online when you search.

However, you need those who will serve you for what you need when you need them and with certain specifics. So here is a list of different AI nude generator apps you can pick and why you should choose either.


PPnude Home

Starting out this list is PPNude, with its top-quality features bringing everything that you need in an AI generator. PPnude is an AI that brings quality and convenience to your nude creation needs, dangling between anime and reality. You get to satisfy your fantasies and remove clothes from the images you have with a free and a paid plan.

  • Advanced AI platform for nude generation and undressing
  • Offers hyper-realistic and anime styles
  • Customizable body types, ages, accessories

Based Labs AI

ai nude photo generator

Running along this list is a second option that you can consider to get images of people without clothes, which is Based Labs AI. It works rather differently compared to other cloth-removing AI that you might know or have used before. The way Based Labs AI works is that you get to upload a reference image, select a model, and input a prompt.

The reference image is what helps the AI narrow down what you want, and the prompt helps generate accurate images. It gets better as you can also choose if you want a landscape or portrait image with the generation.

Free AI Nude Generator Live 3D

nude generator

Next on this list, we have the Free AI Nude Generator Live 3D, which gives you nude images but with much more technicality. You can get an image of a person that is nude completely or partly with any prompt that you want. If your plan is to generate anime-style nude images without having to draw by yourself, then you really should try this tool out.

You only need your prompt to generate the image, and you can also opt-in for a random prompt if you’re out of ideas. It’s a tool that is completely free to use, and you dont need to worry about any subscription plan.

DeepNude Generator

ai naked generator

Deep Nude is yet another great nude generator that you can come across on the vast internet for cloth removal. Its interface is pretty easy to navigate and comes with a guide to help youtube the best image from the generation. All you have to do is upload your image and wait for the tool to generate a nude version after a while.

The tool gives you four major packages with one being free and the other three coming off as paid packages. These packages are Free, Standard, Standard Plus, and Premium, and they cost $0, $30, $37, and $99, respectively

The Insane App

nudify online

If you want an app that helps you get nude images, then the Insane App is here to help you. The Insane App offers you nude generation on a spectrum, letting you tailor your results to your taste. Its a tool that isn’t just a tool as it serves you as the perfect directory for several AI tools that you might need.

Among the several tools it gives you are nude generators, and you get to choose the one you want from the list of options available. So why not try out the options or check the one that does exactly what you want it to do in one place?

ClothOff IO

nudify free

If you are looking for a nude generator that you can use on your phone, then you should really consider ClothOff. ClothOff AI is a tool that gives you the perks of using the nude generation services both on desktop and mobile. The desktop version gives you the perk of using the remover with a connector to Telegram or on browsers.

ClothOff also offers a pricing system with a free plan and three other paid plans which are Basic, Standard and Pro. These three paid packages cost $2, $6, and $15, respectively and offer several features for each package.


ai nude photo generator

Your plans to make nudes are here with an AI that will offer you exactly what you need just by its name and its MakeNude AI. Make Nude AI doesnt generate nude images like how other AI tools since it does it differently. The tool works like an editor and removes the clothes on people in the images that you upload to match your taste.

The clothes remover AI works with a one-tap feature to undress people in images, making the process take less time. It comes with five pricing packages which are Basic, Pro, Pro Plus, Elite and Enterprise. These packages cost $10, $29, $49, $99, and $299, respectively, with a free trial for you to use.

AI Nudes

nude generator

Some nude generators like to do things differently than others, and AI Nudes counts as one that takes this approach. AI Nudes works to give you the chance to not only undress people in images but also swap out their outfits. It gets better as you can upload your image as a file or paste a link in the specified section for it.

The tool also makes some restrictions to ensure that the images are from adults, of adults and possess permission to be used. So giddy up and get the images that you want to undress ready in the shortest time possible.

Deep Swap

deepnude generator

Counting down on the list is Deep Swap bringing its quality features by implementing AI to give you great edits. Deepswap is an AI tool that you will find that specializes in editing faces for both videos and images. It mostly works to help you take your nude art further by helping you swap faces rather than remove clothes.

Deepswap gives you features for post-edits with affordable pricing in two different packages. These packages are the monthly and yearly plans, which cost $10 and $50, respectively, which might count as one.

Deep Nudify AI

nude photo editor

Another one for the team to help you get naked in images is the Deep Nudify AI bringing you good cloth removal features. Deep Nudify AI approaches you with a simple and easy-to-use interface that makes other tools look too complicated. The tool also goes further to give you a guide right from the upload section, showing you what to do during the process.

It gets better with this tool as you dont lose out when it comes to pricing with the free and paid packages it offers. So, you can always jump on this tool even if you don’t plan to spend too much or at all when removing clothes from images.

Porndeful AI

free ai nude generator

If you are looking for a tool that gives you results that are closer to reality, then you really should give Pornerful AI a chance. Porndeful AI brings reality to your image generation and cloth removal with only selections and customization features. It gets crazier as this tool doesn’t stop at realistic images but can also offer you anime-style naked images.

Porneful AI also gives you the choice of selecting between male and female while adjusting the appearance of the person. It’s crazy as you literally create the nude person from scratch and the tool allows you to save the model for reuse.

Undress DeepNude AI

Undress DeepNude AI

Strip people naked completely in the images you have with the features that this Undress AI brings forward for your edits. Undress AI lets you strip people in images completely naked at the tap of a button. Right from the homepage, you get to upload your image to the AI and make your edits to match your taste.

You do need to sign up and create an account to store and get your final image, but it’s a quick and easy process. Lastly, you get to use this tool either for free or with a paid package that gives you advanced features.

Nudify Online

Nudify Online

Hop on to Nudify Online and get the people in your images naked without wasting time and using too many clicks. Nudify Online brings your cloth removal needs to meet both your taste, fast generation and quality results without any issues. The tool uses AI algorithm to remove clothing and fix up the covered areas to properly make people naked in images.

Nudify online allows you to manually remove clothing just by brushing over the person in your image. It also sets up a sign-up procedure that allows you to start up with an email, Google, Discord, or Apple account.

Candy AI

candy AI

Preferences tend to be different, and Candy AI takes this as its priority, pushing the concept of nude generation further. Candy AI doesn’t stop at allowing you to generate nude images but also gives you the model as a personality. The tool calls this innovation AI Girlfriend, making your nude generation more than just eye candy and more realistic.

You can customize your preferred AI girlfriend with the features on the tool allowing you to get an older or younger person. So, if you want to bring your nude generation to life and get up some conversations, then you should try this one out.

Soul Gen

Soul Gen

Tap into the soul of nude generation with the Soul Gen AI to edit your way around images and get people naked. Soul Gen lets you do your cloth removal with an image upload and prompts alone to streamline your preference. You get to use the built-in editor to make changes like changing the hair color, clothes and even removing them completely.

The AI also gives you more features, allowing you to extend the image size, get multiple image results or remove objects completely. It also offers face swap features and packages all its services in a monthly package costing $13.

Nudify Free VIP

Nudify Free VIP

Going further to bring you some versatile AI naked generators to help you remove clothes from images is Nudify VIP. It’s an AI tool that allows you to do a bit more than most basic cloth remover tools that you might come across online. Nudify VIP lets you undress a person in an image completely or even opt in for swapping their outfit with a bikini or underwear.

It does this more technically as you can select a bikini, underwear or a complete undress right from the generation stage after image upload. The tool also gives you poses and allows you to save your final image in higher qualities like HD and UHD. The payment system for this tool is divided into three packages which are Standard, Pro and Basic costing $16, $37, and $5.

Seduced AI

Seduced AI

NSFW takes a leap into the sky like a rocket, and seduction goes out of hand with the nude generator we call Seduced AI. If you are looking for a deepnude generator that takes the mantle of realism, then you should try out this one. Seduced AI lets you create nude images from scratch and even upload images as a reference to create nude images.

It gets even better since you can choose between getting final nude images of real women or opting for animated results. The good news goes further as you dont need any technical knowledge or strong setup to use the tool. However, only paid plans are available and set up in three packages, which are Pro, Platinum and Diamond, costing $25, $50, and $150 respectively.

X Pictures

X Pictures

The AI nude generator tool we know as X Pictures rushes at you like a speeding train with its feature spectrum. It pushes a range of features that change your nude-generating experience giving you different styles of edits and results of high quality. You start off by uploading the image you want to edit and brush off the section with clothes for the AI to note.

Once you have that out of the way, you can also give the AI specifics for gender and outfit type to get even better results. It doesn’t stop there, as the new update allows you to draw in images from Instagram and also rework videos to become nude. X Pictures comes with a pricing system giving you three packages which are Free, Premium and Advance at $0, $18 and $15.

Porn X AI

Porn X AI

Running towards the end of this list is the innovative AI for optimal cloth removal that is famous for its name Porn X AI. It is an AI tool that does exactly what it name states and that is to provide you with nude generator services. It gets crazier as you also get the chance to generate videos and upload a target face for the final image generation.

Creating a nude image is also pretty easy with the brush-over feature to remove the clothes in the image you have. You can also take your edits further to customize the image, adding body marks or tattoos to the image anywhere you want. The tool also lets you pick a custom pose, and everything is packaged and divided into a free and paid plan varying on token purchase.

Undress Love AI

Undress Love AI

Rounding up this list is the last AI nude generator tool that we have for you, and it is called Undress Love. The tool is simple but sophisticated and brings you everything you need all to one place, getting you quality images. Undress Love allows you to generate images with different poses and image quality to match your preference.

It gets better since you get three different image quality to choose from which are SD, HD, and UHD. If you dont want to generate your image from scratch, then you can also upload your image to use as a reference. The only setback is that you only get 2 nude image generation after signing up for a new account.


Yes, it’s done. Your list of 20 great AI nude generator apps is complete for you to explore and pick the one that matches you. Do you have your images ready? Are you hyped to see the results you can get? Why dont you get them together and start testing out the options from this list to get your match?

Have fun dressing and undressing to live your fantasies and give yourself some pleasure without holding back one bit. Remember to let us know your experience with the tools you use, and watch out for more of our guides coming out soon.


Should I use a paid or free plan?

The free plan works well if you want a quick and basic service. However, you should get a paid package if you want more from the tool.

Are there offline AI nude generator apps?

There are rarely any offline nude generators.

How fast do AI nude generator apps work?

Most generators offer a one-tap generation feature and take less than 3 minutes.

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